Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching style is influenced by the Suzuki method but it incorporates learning to read music early on in student’s development. By placing equal emphasis on both reading and listening skills, I am able to provide a sense of musical independence, allowing students to explore and create music outside of my curriculum.  The natural resonance of the instrument plays a strong role in my teaching, as I feel that it is paramount to student’s musical development, and more importantly to their enjoyment in playing.  I believe in the idea of music as part of a well-rounded life, and I feel that through teaching I can provide an important mode of self expression, as well as help students to access an awareness of body and mind that can be brought into everything they do.  I focus on the individual needs and musical tastes of each student in order to give them a true connection to music that will help them to develop great musicianship, and enrich their daily life.


5 to Adult


All, Beginners Welcome!!

If you’re interested in a trial lesson, please contact me at megan.atchley@gmail.com or leave a comment on the site!

In addition to teaching privately in Manhattan and Queens, I am the founder and director of an extracurricular violin club at Girls Prep Middle School on the Lower East Side, and a faculty member at the Third Street Music School Settlement.


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